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Tools for Every Type of Enthusiast   

At Sanderson Engineering, we offer tools for every interest and level of expertise. From the professional landscaper and garden expert to the beginner just starting out, we have the power equipment to make it happen. 

Hedge Trimmers

hedge trimmer
Hedge trimmers come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and power levels. They are designed to trim, cut or prune hedges or shrubs. Well-pruned hedges and shrubs are not only aesthetically appealing but also help the plants to stay healthy and grow well. 

Leaf Blowers

leaf blower
Leaf blowers are a real time saver and make quick work of a messy yard. When leaves, grass clippings or other debris find their way on to your yard or driveway, a leaf blower is the fastest and most efficient tool for the job. 

Lawn Edgers

lawn edger
Lawn edgers create sharp, crisp and distinct boundaries between a lawn and another area. This tool can be utilised to create clean divisions between your grass and paved areas, gravel or even uncovered soil such as a garden. 

Pressure Washers 

pressure washer
Pressure washers are indispensable cleaning tools for a yard or home. Pressure washers use highly pressurised water to clean and remove paint, mould, dirt and other grime that can build up on a home or surface over time. 


Chippers work by shredding branches, leaves and other debris left over by garden work. This shredded material is much more compact and may easily be disposed of or used in other areas of your yard or garden. 


An auger is essentially a giant drill bit and is used to drill holes in the earth. Augers create much more precise holes and are less labour intensive than shovels. You’ll use your auger for fence posts and for planting seeds or bulbs. 

Outdoor Vacuums

Need to clean an outdoor area? Outdoor vacuums are a great option to make cleaning easy and fast. These easy-to-control machines can work on yards, driveways, tennis courts, pools and more.


Sprayers are great products when you need to spread pest control throughout a large space. We offer many different sizes of sprayers to make sure you have the one with the most convenience and ease for you. Spray your trees, crops, lawns vegetables, pests and more.

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