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Why Do I Need a Generator?  

Generators are for more than just modern conveniences. Having one will increase your ability for fun, save you money and may even save your life. 

Protect Your Home

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Residential backup generators keep electricity running throughout your home during outages. This means that your food will be kept fresh, saving you money and providing you with peace of mind in an otherwise stressful situation. Generators also ensure that emergency electrical equipment will continue to run, which can literally save lives. Having electricity in your home during a crisis will give you access to emergency equipment such as phones and computers. Power in your home can also create a calming sense of familiarity. This can help you remain level-headed and can be a great source of comfort to concerned children. 

Increase Your Recreation

Generators don’t have to only be for emergencies, they can help increase your fun too. Having a portable electric generator brings convenience to a cabin or campground. Portable electricity also gives you much more freedom for parties and events as well. Whether it’s outdoor lights for a party or music for a wedding, having reliable and transportable electricity gives you the freedom to have fun.

Generators We Trust

We carry a variety of generators for your convenience. We have Yamaha, Honda and Dunlite generators and each brand can be run on either petrol or diesel, depending on your preference. You can also find portable and camping generators in our stock so that you will have the exact power you need when you need it. 
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