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At Sanderson Engineering, we only sell top-of-the-line and high-quality lawn mowers. Whatever size or style of your yard may be, we have the perfect mower available. We carry Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Dunlite and Yamaha mowers so you can get the best products on the market. 

Battery Lawn Mowers

Battery-powered lawn mowers can be designed in either the rotary or the reel style. They differ from traditional push mowers because they rely on a charged battery for power. Battery mowers provide users with the convenience of being completely cordless and gas-free.
battery lawn mowers

Ride On Mowers 

ride on mowers
These mowers are primarily used for large lawns or lawn with lots of inclines. The speed of the mower allows for large areas to be completed quickly. The engine power of the machine saves time and energy when cutting over difficult types of terrain. 

Rotary Mowers

Rotary-style mowers typically have one blade that spins horizontally and cuts grass using a tearing action. Rotary motors adapt well to a variety of grass lengths and conditions and are often considered universal mowers. They are generally powered by gas or electric engines.
rotary mowers

Reel Mowers

reel mowers
Reel mowers consist of three to seven vertically spinning blades that cut grass in a scissor-like action. While they do not work well with high or unruly grass, they are perfect for maintaining a short-style lawn. The scissoring motion of the blades is also thought to be healthier for the grass. 

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