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Brushcutters and Chain Saws in Osborne Park 

What is a Brushcutter? 

A brushcutter is used to remove grass, thick or heavy weeds, thick brush and small trees. They are typically used in areas that are too difficult to reach with a lawn mower or to remove thick weeds or small trees that a mower would not be able to handle. While a brushcutter is similar in functionality and design to a weed wacker, it is a much more powerful tool and can be used to remove a larger variety of plants and obstructions. 

When to Use a Chain Saw

Chain saws are portable, mechanical saws that are powered by gas or electricity. Chain saws are most often used in landscaping for removing trees or branches, general pruning or to remove other obstacles. Like most power tools, chain saws provide a distinct advantage over their traditional hand saw counterparts by greatly increasing the speed and decrease the effort needed to complete a task. 

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